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MECO- Most Affordable Yet Quality Filters



Filters are an integral part of a photography eco system. Depending on what genre you shoot, you may require an ND Filter, Variable ND Filter or at times even a polarizing filter. If you are dedicated landscape photographer, you may need either a Square ND Filter kit for your professional long exposure requirements or even a light pollution filter for shooting cityscapes at night.


Buying quality filters can be an expensive affair specially if you are looking to get high quality results. Cheap and poor quality filters can really ruin the quality of your final image either through strong color cast or through softening of images.

Jassi has recently reviewed few filters of a brand called MECOREX. The brand has its base in USA and make variety of filters suitable to most requirements of photographers – amateurs and professional alike. The results have surprised him because of the price bracket these filters fall into.

Here is one such video where he has done a review of their Professional Square Filter system:


In another video Jassi reviews their Varibale ND Filter and shares his results and opinion:


As an inference it can be easily said that MECO Filters are high quality filter available at affordable price suitable for price conscious Indian market.


All the filters are made of high quality German Schott Optical Glass. The glass has precision polishing on both sides to ensure the sharpness is maintained across the frame. It is also Nano Coated on both sides to make the glass dust, water and oil repellent.

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