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DJI Ronin SC-2 – Next Generation Foldable Light Weight Gimbal

While Ronin SC was quite a wonderful and capable lightweight gimbal, it had some shortcomings which DJI has taken care of in their upgrade Ronin SC-2.

Since the Ronin SC-2 is an upgrade of Ronin SC, it will be better if we do a comparative review to give you a fair idea as what to opt for. 

While DJI has retained most of the path-breaking features of its Ronin SC, there are some noticeable and relevant changes to justify the new release and they are:

  • Foldable Design

  • The increased payload of 3kg

  • OLED Screen (1 inch)

  • 14 hours of battery life in a single charge

  • All new Titan Stabilisation algorithm

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\djirsc2.jpg


The Ronin SC-2 is almost similar in appearance to RSC with some major design changes. The first and biggest change is that RSC-2 is foldable and the second big change is the presence of 1-inch OLED screen.

Apart from these changes, DJI has improved the design to make it more user friendly.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\foldable-4.jpg


The Ronin SC-2 incidentally becomes the first-ever foldable gimbal in their entire gimbal line-up. This unique design ensures you can configure it in 6 different ways namely upright, underslung, briefcase, flashlight, portrait and storage. 

These six different configurations allow you to be more versatile and become creative with angles. The best part is that it makes the gimbal compact making it easy for storing and transportation. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\unboxing-4-1920x1080.jpg

The 2nd most noticeable and important change is the presence of 1-inch OLED Screen. This screen can be used to check settings and even control functions. This screen though is no replacement for the mobile app but makes it easy for the user if he is not willing to use the app.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\djirsc2_1.jpg

Maximum Payload

While the RSC weighed 1.1 kg and supported a max payload of 2kg, the RSC-2 weighs slightly higher at 1.2kg but its max payload has increased substantially to 3kg. This will certainly help the user to set-up heavier cameras like some DSLR and mirrorless cameras with heavier variable FL lenses. 



While DJI is known for their gimbals with exceptional stabilization, with RSC-2, DJI has leapt by introducing the all-new Titan Stabilization Algorithm which stabilizes long lenses like 100mm and compensates for some real small movements/shakes. 



The RSC-2 boasts of some great improved and new features which makes it a favourite with video content creators.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\zoom-6.jpg

Active Track 3.0

The RSC-2 features one of the most advanced tracking systems with Active Track 3.0. If you are into high-speed action film making, this will prove to be your favourite feature. 

Raven Eye

This is a new feature introduced by DJI which simplifies the remote camera viewing and control. Using Raven Eye, you can use the Active Track feature directly using the camera signal.

Vertical Shooting

This is another new feature which allows you to instantly switch from landscape mode to portrait mode. This is one feature which will certainly make social media content creators very happy.

Improved Battery Performance

The RSC-2 has a substantial increase in battery performance from 11 hrs in RSC to 14 hrs. this certainly is another improvement which will be lapped up by users. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\djirsc2_2.jpg

Camera Compatibility

The RSC-2 is compatible with a wide variety of cameras. For a complete list, you can check here.


Is it for you?

Well if you are looking for a gimbal which can be used both with DSLR and mirrorless, without compromising with lightweight and expensive price, then this is the best option for you. With Ronin, SC-2 DJI has taken care of all the challenges and shortcomings of RSC making it the best choice. 

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