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10 Home Photoshoot Ideas during Quarantine
10 Home Photoshoot Ideas during Quarantine

Quarantine because of Covid19 may have locked us down physically but it certainly cannot and must not lock down our soul. Using the wings of creativity, we must fly. All we need is our camera, little imagination and the will to do something different.

Many photographers used their creativity to beat the stress and boredom. Options are aplenty – home portraits, family portraits, still life, backyard wildlife, food and even exploring closed shops and streets.

Lets look at some ideas which you can pursue while still in lockdown.



Creative Self Portraits


Probably selfie is the most popular portrait photography and during quarantine, it has become all the more popular and people are unleashing their creativity through these self-portraits. Getting creative and working on a concept is name of the game. Start with a weekly project and take one self-portrait every day and make sure each portrait has a different feel to it.

You may focus on changed looks like over-grown hair, beard, nails etc. You may even use window light creatively to play with light and shadows. Using table lamp, bedsheets as props will also help you in getting creative self-portraits. Don’t get hung on how you look, just click the way you look during different times of the day.


Beds, Bed-Sheets and Body Parts


Beds are one subject we are spending most time on. I see some interesting patterns of wrinkled bed-sheets after you get up or leave the bed after getting up early in the morning. It may even be a hand coming out of a sheet, or just an eye glass. You may even see if there is some ray of light creating a mood in the room or on bed early in the morning. They do not take anything extra, not even special arrangements but just the desire to see some creativity and click.


Coffee and Beyond


First I thought of using the title for this point as food photography but the title itself looks so professional it may scare many people away. If the idea of doing food photography at home scares you, don’t worry, just forget that you are trying to do food photography. Remember those days when posting the image of food that was served on a restaurant table, that you used to post first thing on social media before digging your fingers in it. Try doing that now and keep experimenting with the composition and items you use for the same.

Use props in the house to get creative with composition and use window light as main light and a thermocol sheet to diffuse shadows.




Its monsoon time. While its raining cats and dogs why are you sitting duck. Rain offers many creative opportunities to make images. That puddle of water, a simple reflection in the puddle, blurred view from that misty window-pane or just the droplets on glass window; they all form great creative images.


Shadow Play


One thing that Covid19 could not do is to put light in quarantine and am sure you know that shadow is a conjoined twin of light. If you see light, look for shadows and create some stunners just using the play of shadows.


Backyard Wildlife


Do you hear the musical chirping of birds early in the morning? Well no matter where you live, chances are high you share space with variety of species of birds, insects, and butterflies. You may not be a wildlife photographer but quarantine has given you another opportunity to tray your hands at something new and that too without going out of your home. Spend a day trying to be observant of their presence. And very soon you will have a list of birds, insects, squirrels or even lizards to photograph.

To make things easier for yourself, hang a bird feeder near your window and soon you will start having fun. 


Macro Photography


Macro is another subject which can throw up interesting results. Focus on small things at home and/or garden and create some stunning macros. There are flowers, textures, vegetables or even spoons and forks which can make interesting subjects for macro. Even if you do not have macro lens, try shooting subjects from up close and see the impact.




How could we forget Sky? Blue Sky, overcast sky, dull grey sky, clouds in the sky, birds in the sky. Opportunities are vast as the sky itself. Look out of your window and start looking for unique cloud patterns, birds in flight and even aero plane. 




Reflections are simple yet very evocative. I love walking on streets and looking for puddle of water where I can click reflections. If you don’t get that opportunity look for a glass reflection within your house itself. Experimenting with these will give you immense satisfaction along with some creative images.

You know we can just go on and on with this list. There is no end to creative ideas provided you put that thinking cap on. All you need is your camera and some inspiration to create. How about sharing some of your images created during quarantine in comments below.