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DJI Ronin SC-2 – Next Generation Foldable Light Weight Gimbal

While Ronin SC was quite a wonderful and capable lightweight gimbal, it had some shortcomings which DJI has taken care of in their upgrade Ronin SC-2.

Since the Ronin SC-2 is an upgrade of Ronin SC, it will be better if we do a comparative review to give you a fair idea as what to opt for. 

While DJI has retained most of the path-breaking features of its Ronin SC, there are some noticeable and relevant changes to justify the new release and they are:

  • Foldable Design

  • The increased payload of 3kg

  • OLED Screen (1 inch)

  • 14 hours of battery life in a single charge

  • All new Titan Stabilisation algorithm

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\djirsc2.jpg


The Ronin SC-2 is almost similar in appearance to RSC with some major design changes. The first and biggest change is that RSC-2 is foldable and the second big change is the presence of 1-inch OLED screen.

Apart from these changes, DJI has improved the design to make it more user friendly.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\foldable-4.jpg


The Ronin SC-2 incidentally becomes the first-ever foldable gimbal in their entire gimbal line-up. This unique design ensures you can configure it in 6 different ways namely upright, underslung, briefcase, flashlight, portrait and storage. 

These six different configurations allow you to be more versatile and become creative with angles. The best part is that it makes the gimbal compact making it easy for storing and transportation. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\unboxing-4-1920x1080.jpg

The 2nd most noticeable and important change is the presence of 1-inch OLED Screen. This screen can be used to check settings and even control functions. This screen though is no replacement for the mobile app but makes it easy for the user if he is not willing to use the app.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\djirsc2_1.jpg

Maximum Payload

While the RSC weighed 1.1 kg and supported a max payload of 2kg, the RSC-2 weighs slightly higher at 1.2kg but its max payload has increased substantially to 3kg. This will certainly help the user to set-up heavier cameras like some DSLR and mirrorless cameras with heavier variable FL lenses. 



While DJI is known for their gimbals with exceptional stabilization, with RSC-2, DJI has leapt by introducing the all-new Titan Stabilization Algorithm which stabilizes long lenses like 100mm and compensates for some real small movements/shakes. 



The RSC-2 boasts of some great improved and new features which makes it a favourite with video content creators.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\zoom-6.jpg

Active Track 3.0

The RSC-2 features one of the most advanced tracking systems with Active Track 3.0. If you are into high-speed action film making, this will prove to be your favourite feature. 

Raven Eye

This is a new feature introduced by DJI which simplifies the remote camera viewing and control. Using Raven Eye, you can use the Active Track feature directly using the camera signal.

Vertical Shooting

This is another new feature which allows you to instantly switch from landscape mode to portrait mode. This is one feature which will certainly make social media content creators very happy.

Improved Battery Performance

The RSC-2 has a substantial increase in battery performance from 11 hrs in RSC to 14 hrs. this certainly is another improvement which will be lapped up by users. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC2\djirsc2_2.jpg

Camera Compatibility

The RSC-2 is compatible with a wide variety of cameras. For a complete list, you can check here.


Is it for you?

Well if you are looking for a gimbal which can be used both with DSLR and mirrorless, without compromising with lightweight and expensive price, then this is the best option for you. With Ronin, SC-2 DJI has taken care of all the challenges and shortcomings of RSC making it the best choice. 

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DJI Ronin SC – The Affordable Mirrorless Camera Gimbal

After the success of Ronin S a versatile camera gimbal, DJI came out with a smaller and lighter version Ronin SC aimed to cater to growing market of vloggers using mirrorless cameras. 

While Ronin S was state of the art gimbal catering to both DSLR and Mirrorless camera users, it was pricey which gave its competitors some edge specially on the price point. DJI which is a force in itself in Drone and Gimbal market announced the launch of Ronin SC which is one of the lightest and cheapest catering to budding videographers using light weight mirrorless cameras. 

With its weight at just 1.1 kg (without camera), it’s very easy to operate even for long hours. It is great for photographers who use a camera which weighs under 2 kg. Ronin SC may create problems if you want to use longer lenses though. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC\P1410282-1920x751.jpg

DJI has simplified the balancing system as well to suit photographers. Using the sliding quick release plate, its very easy to mount and balance the camera system. You can use smartphone app to balance the roll axis. There are locks for pan, tilt and roll axes to make things even easier for photographers. Overall the balancing is easy if you follow simple steps.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC\41UfmvnEZJL._SL1000_.jpg



E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC\Ronin-SC-profile-pic-resized-jpg-1920x1575.jpg

Gimbal Type: 3-Axis Motorised gimbal

Payload: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Battery Life: 11 hrs in single charge

Charging time: Around 2.5 hrs.

Dimensions: 370(L) X 165(H) X 150(D)mm

Weight: 1.088kg



Ronin SC has brought almost all features from its Ronin S. It has pan, tilt and roll along with a 360 degrees panning. It has modes like Timelapse, MotionLapse, Panorama and Motion Control. 

DJI includes two new modes in this – ActiveTrack and ForceMobile. In ActiveTrack you can tap on the subject using the mobile app and gimbal start following that subject automatically. In ForceMobile you can take complete control of your gimbal using your mobile at up to 25 mtrs away.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC\41R4MdnxBGL._SL1000_.jpg

Build and Handling

DJI has always been known for high quality build of their almost entire product range and despite its affordability, Ronin SC is no exception. 

The Ronin SC is solid and well-built gimbal. It comes in a carry case which has space for all cables and accessories. The Record Button and Joystick are positioned on the handle which makes it easy to control. 

The Ronin SC has a 2450mAH battery which lasts for around 11 hrs in single charge. You can charge it using USB-C port. It also comes with an extended tripod grip, lens support, camera riser and a quick release plate. Various camera control USB cables are provided to help you get started almost immediately.

Its design and weight favors light weight mirrorless camera but it does create some issues when used with long or heavy lenses. The rear arm is angled to ensure it doesn’t obstruct your view of the camera screen. 

You can check how to balance Ronin SC in this video:


Camera gimbals are known to take lot of time to get them into a perfect balance mode and Ronin SC is no exception. Though the balancing has been simplified but it does require some trial and error to figure out the right way to balance. It is easy to balance and use with fixed focal length lenses like 35mm but it requires lot of trial and error when you use variable FL lenses or long lenses. In other words, this is the gimbal designed for light weight camera and small lenses where its performs the best. 

When shooting videos, its light weight and simple design comes in very handy. As in Ronin S, there is a focus wheel in Ronin SC as well which really makes your life easy while using manual focus.


E:\Blogs Future Forward\Nov 2020\Images\Ronin SC\Ronin-SC-0005a-Focus-Wheel.gif



Every videographers or content creator is looking to give cinematic feel to their videos and with the Ronin SC they can do it easy without drilling a hole in their pocket. Setting up the camera is not as easy as it is made out to be and requires some trial and error before you can figure out the best camera and lens combination.

Its light weight however does help you in creating low level footage or even sideway footage quite with ease

Plus Points

  • Light Weight

  • Affordable

  • Easy to operate


  • Set up takes time

  • Works best only with prime lenses

  • You can’t change the built-in battery

So if you want to use a gimbal with your light weight mirrorless camera with a prime lens, this is the best option for you. However, if you want to use it with a variable FL lenses, try it before you buy. 

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DJI Ronin S – Best Mirrorless Gimbal Yet?

While DJI Ronin S was released quite a long time back, owing to its popularity and ease of use, it is still very popular with photographers. While this is a single-handed factor gimbal aimed at mirrorless cameras, its scalability to be used with DSLRs makes it a popular choice. 

Main Features

  • 3-Axis Stabilisation

  • Integrated Focus Wheel

  • Quick calibration using Auto-Tune

  • Creative Modes which are automated

  • Max 3.6Kg Load Capacity

  • Battery life of 12 hrs.

  • Light Weight of 1.8 Kg with attached grip

The first look gives you an impression of Ronin S being a solid built with good grip. It has 3-Axis stabilization motor that ensures you get silky smooth footage. In terms of control, Ronin S has a dedicated Focus Wheel, joystick and trigger. The Power, Start/Stop and M button are located on the grip. 

The Ronin S is rated to 3.6 Kg, which is quite good and can balance even large zoom lenses like Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR and Sony E 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS LE.

The Ronin S supports remote control on select cameras from Nikon, Panasonic, Canon and Sony. You can find complete updated list of supported cameras and features on Ronin-S Support Page.

Handling and Performance

Thanks to its strong motor and great algorithm, Ronin S does a fabulous job of stabilizing your camera.

It performs regular movements like follow left, right, down or point up etc very well helping you track your subjects with ease. The gimbal can be used in three different ways like normal, underslung and flashlight. These modes aid you in holding the gimbal at waist level, up high or low close to ground.

It has a great battery life which lasts for almost 12 hrs in single charge.

Operating the Ronin-S

The controls are simple with user friendly interface and intuitive. You can use the M-button to access three SmoothTrack presets. The LED shows the preset you are currently using. Apart from these 3 settings, there is a fourth as well which is the Sport Mode. This mode helps you trach extremely fast movements.

The trigger located in front helps you control multiple functions. You can re-center the camera by double clicking this trigger. To reverse the camera by 180 degrees to take selfie, you can triple tap this trigger.

Handle has hard rubberized grip making it comfortable to hold and operate.

Remote Camera Control which comes bundled is one of the most useful features of Ronin-S. You can use either MCC (multi camera control) or RSS (remote start / stop). You can check the complete list of compatible cameras and lenses to find out whether it supports your camera gear or not.

Ronin-S has a 2400mAH battery which gives 12 hrs of shoot in single charge. The battery gets fully charged in around 2 hrs time. Apart from normal functions, the Ronin-S can perform functions like Capture, Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Panorama and Track. It has an inbuilt intervelometer to help you create good Hyperlapse.


Our Verdict

The Ronin-S has a design which makes it very easy to operate. It terms of weight of 1.8kg might appear alright to many but it does become heavy after mounting the camera and lens. This combined weight makes it challenging to shoot continuously for longer durations.

Its compact size coupled with smooth performance, certainly makes it a great option. But is it for you? Lets share what we really liked and/or disliked about this gimbal.

We liked:

  • Super easy to set up and calibrate

  • Remote camera operation with select camera models

  • Super smooth handling and operation

We didn’t like:

  • Remote camera support not across camera models

  • Battery charging adaptor not included in bundle


So if you are looking for a super smooth, easy to operate gimbal for your mirrorless camera and do not mind slightly heavy weight, this is the one for you.

You can buy Ronin S at