Both the cameras are expected to roll out by this year end, The expected price of them is:

Nikon Z6 II: ₹1,65,995 – ₹2,09,995

Nikon Z7 II: ₹2,49,995 – ₹2,94,995

Closing Thoughts

Well both camera appear solid and improved on features and overall capability. This upgrade to Mark II does have the shortcomings from the original versions being addressed. These certainly make Nikon’s Z mount cameras appear more competitive and user friendly.

So if you are a Nikon fanboy or are someone who is planning to switch to mirrorless, you now have great options to choose from. These two cameras do offer range of features that should attract the buyer. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to these two cameras in real time sales. Also will be interesting to see if people are really opting these over the original versions